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We started White Knight Pictures in 2000, with a critically successful theatre production of my musical version of Alice Through the Looking-Glass at the British Library, as part of the Millennium Festival of Literature, which transferred to the New End Hampstead, Critics Choice in the Sunday Times Dec 2000, a collaboration with writer and dramaturg Maureen Thomas.

White Knight Pictures' main focus is on film, starting with 'Debussy', a short homage to the great French composer, and continuing with 'The Accordionist', inspired by my love of the great Jacques Tati, enabled by talented actors from the Golden Theatre group.  We are grateful to the collaborators along the way, such as editor Jon Walker and producer James Shillingford.


I am fascinated by thought of filling that blank screen with wonder, with light and movement, human emotion.

We are making this next film, Born to Save, and we would love for you to support the work.

                                                      Director, Stephen Daltry.

  • Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen. ...

Robert Bresson

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