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The Accordionist

Writer/director:  Stephen Guy Daltry

Cast:  Emma Chrispin,  SGDaltry, Jamie Chrispin, Asa Joel, Crispin Harris, Rebecca Kennedy, Chloe Austin,

Producer:  Arti Mirwani Daltry   Editor:   Jon Walker


A busker, down on his luck, finds a gift token for a seaside holiday. En route to the seaside the accident-prone

Mr Pugh meets a fairground entertainer, Jane, who he charms with his music - whilst annoying others. The Accordionist features the enchanting talents of Emma Chrispin and a wonderful cast.   With minimal dialogue and melodious music, 'the film catches the mood of an English seaside with its children and dogs, the old, the young and the eccentric.


Writer/Director:  Stephen Daltry Producer: James Shillingford

Cinematographer:  Peter Butler    Editor:  Lucia Zucchetti

This short film about the French composer is my response to this photograph, taken on a picnic at Archachon in October 1916.  Featuring David Savile in the role of Claude Debussy and Sophie Worters as his daughter Chouchou.   

Claude Debussy and Chouchou, 1916.jpg
PETER BLAKE : 'From Sir With Love'

Producer/Directors:  David Stephenson and Stephen Daltry

Camera:  Stephen Daltry

Song :  Lyrics by David Stephenson, Music & Production by Jonathan Stapleton


 Through my colleague David Stephenson of the Rocket Gallery, I filmed  the artist Peter Blake in his west London studio on one hot day in July 2007. He talked very openly about his life and work, his education, Ian Dury, Robert Fraser, Popular Art, the ruralists, about the Sergeant Pepper album cover, and Sammy Davis Jr. Some of these images filmed in his studio were used to accompany David Stephenson's song.


Directors:  Stephen Daltry

Screenwriter:  Maureen Thomas & Stephen Daltry

Producer:  Apsley Paper Mill and White Knight Pictures

Editor:   Jon Walker

Filmed at Leavesden's green screen studio, this corporate film was made for Apsley Paper Trail, Frogmore Paper Mill, Hertfordshire., in collaboration with writer and dramaturg Maureen Thomas.

"For its launch Apsley Paper Trail wanted to show the link between past and present at Frogmore and Apsley mills in an engaging and attractive way.  Lewis Carroll, creator of the classic children's book 'Alice Through the Looking-Glass, used as a boy to entertain his 10 brothers and sisters with plays written for a paper toy theatre, and we were delighted with White Knight's concept - an excellent example of how modern digital and traditional approaches can come together."  

Jackie Bennett FRSA, Chief Executive, Apsley Paper Trail (2002-2010) 


Directors:  Stephen Daltry & Steve Newman

Writer:  Steve Newman

Camera:  Leasa Merrill

Genre:  Comedy


Richard and Kurt, archaeologists searching for Queen Boudicea, believe she died near Dagenham.

Fascinating documentary on their Roman journey, starring Steve Newman and Stephen Daltry, with guest appearances from Jeremy Swift. Conceived and written by Steve Newman.

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